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A unique blend of research techniques, user modeling, product design, interaction design, interface design and information architecture. I have a passion for technology and curiosity for how things work. A clear communicator at all levels—not just speaking about the design itself, but communicating with the stakeholders both up and down in the development process. I am a people person and leader who knows how to get others involved, motivating them to collaborate in product design discussions.

Creative Strategist & UX Designer

UX Evangelist & Change Agent

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About Me

A proven track record of creating immersive, high impact user experiences that are creative and strategic based on brand and business goals. A unique penchant for producing high quality products that have spanned multiple disciplines, devices and business strategies over the course of a diverse career in design.

I am a UX and Creative director focusing on the entire lifecycle of digital platforms that include tablet, mobile, web, cloud and branded products for both enterprise application solutions and general consumer facing products such as entertainment, news and niche content verticals. I can create value from concept strategy and ideation to tactical execution and delivery.



By involving users early and continually in the process usability problems can be identified at an early stage when the cost of adjustment is relatively low. Valuable information can be obtained by observing users performing real tasks in a real context, which can be used as inputs to the specifications of the project.


These measurements are achieved by conducting usability tests by asking people not involved in the project to do real world tasks on the interface (either a paper or electronic prototype). Additionally, A/B testing is a methodology of testing two variants, namely A and B, of the same page by randomly exposing either variant to visitors and recording the results.


As opposed to the traditional process of software development (waterfall) with the following sequence of actions: specifications → design → development → testing → launch. My design process is more compatible with iterative methodology (agile). The whole design/development process will consist of a number of design/development → testing cycles for incremental improvements.

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What I Do

From concept to product launch. I’m a passionate evangelist for User Experience, and compeling, creative solutions to complex problems, creating large-scale solutions for top clients. I ensure that digital products are easy to use, beautiful, delightful and that they align with my client’s business goals. I am a master at designing branded products and concepting the unique voice that supports the overarching brand strategy. I’m also uber familiar with agile development processes and feel very comfortable designing past sprint zero. I have a vast toolkit of methodologies including user interviewing and usability testing. A leader who can influence change in processes and the overall approach to product development and design, as well as growing and developing teams and talent.

Leveraging UX Insights

I am a passionate UX/UI designer leveraging UX insights and research to influence not just design, but also the business strategy behind the design requirements. Does this product support users’ needs and drive business results? How should we prioritize the business requirements our design must meet? How does this product or platform fit into the larger business context? For me design is much more than how the product looks, it's also about how it supports business goals.

Creative Ideas

My specialty is the transformation of business goals into multi-platform customer interaction strategies, concepting design problems from both a usable and creative angle to solve business & customer needs together. As a creative person I combine, mix, and expand upon my past experiences so that new, nonobvious concepts, variations, or extensions of knowledge are generated. I pride myself on the ability to see connections and relationships where others may not. Identifing Opportunities to simplify, engage and delight are key concepts in my process.

Facilitation & Workshops

I love working with teams to document the customer journey and then utilize the journey in workshops to develop concepts and prototypes that explore the opportunities that surface from our deep dive. I then work with the team to define an Agile user centered design process that will enable the team to continue to iterate on the concepts while integrating research along the way. I have had the oportunity to provide UX & UI direction in many capacities for multiple organizations to structure stakeholder and team member engagment while staying true to the agile manifesto.


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


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